Me looking extremely lame yet cute as hell all at once


As a person but especially as an artist of any kind needs to be understood. Never stop thinking of yourself as a phoenix and that’s only because your work is never done. 

'We live in cycles as well as linear time'.. therefore, there must be destruction if there is to be new creativity. 'By embracing our own psychological deaths and dealing with the emotional turmoil that arises when we give up long term beliefs and patterns of behavior, we learn the lesson of death and rebirth'

More simple and less intricate

I get a little sad when I think about all the work I put into being the best version of myself and how the work isn’t done and how everything I still have to work on doesn’t involve just myself and it’s like a big wall I can’t get over without help and the only way over is for me to break a few cycles but that’s only because no one else is willing to and it’s almost more exhausting to have these thoughts resting on my shoulders and as the background noise to my life than all of the issues I thought I had before

And all this sounds extremely depressing but that’s not how I feel.. I’m just tired and I wish I had the power to make everything ‘as it should be’ (is that a thing?) or some answers so I knew what to do or maybe not because once you know sometimes you really wish you didn’t